• NSS Unit
  • Receiving BEST NSS Unit Award
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Cleanliness Campaign
  • Visiting Mother Teressa Train
  • Women Empower Rally
  • NSS Camp
  • NSS Camp
  • NSS 'Kanuni Shibir'
  • Meditation Shibir
  • Workshop on Environment
The Motto of N.S.S. is “Not Me But You”. To develop a national consciousness among the youth, to generate social awareness among the students, to promote the dignity of  labour among the educated, to strengthen the spirit of service and sacrifice in the younger generation, we arrange 120 hours of services in two academic years or special camping programme for ten days. Ours is the ‘Best N.S.S. Unit Award winner’ college. Three of  our students are also awarded. “Indira Gandhi National Volunteer Award” during past years. Our students have participated in various activities at Goa, Bhatinda, Orrisa, Karnataka, Jaipur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Zarkhand etc. at National level and one student was invited to Mauritius at international level. Traffic regulation, Blood donation, Blind assistance, Environmental project, Medical project, Garments collection for poor, needy and victims of natural disaster, Rural Upliftment, Health awareness, First-Aid training and working with various GO’S and NGO’S are the regular projects under this scheme.


Empowering girls with the wings of education